News  //  Sep 23, 2015

Spiral Groove unveiled its new SG1.2 turntable

Berkeley, California based audio company Spiral Groove's new SG1.2 turntable is a redesigned and upgraded version of the award-winning SG1.1, a top-of-the-line model that came out back in 2007. Compared to its predecessor, the overall mass has been increased by more than twenty pounds, reaching a staggering weight of 95 pounds and features various upgrades to the feet, platter and tonearm.

Spiral Groove SG1.2

The turntable's base is made of four aluminum layers in two independent platforms separated by four heavy-duty elastomers, that mechanically decouple the assemblies, forming a single rigid platform. The original stainless-steel feet have been replaced with larger, re-tuned aluminum and graphite ones, based on the companyÂ’s Strange Attractor technology to provide more vibration damping and isolation. These are attached only to the body's bottom layer, the second layer providing a stable platform for the motor, platter and tonearm.

The SG1.2 comes with a new, heavier platter that features a magnetic platter-levitation system, decreasing the platter weight on the bearing. It features a 14" stainless steel drive ring and a black aluminum middle section topped with a layer of graphite, providing a non-resonant surface for the record. The unique Spiral Groove bearing incorporates a hardened-steel ball and sapphire thrust plate so the entire weight of the platter rests on the very small contact area between the ball and sapphire. According to Spiral Groove, the increased mass of the new platter adds more impact to the bass and a bit more focus and depth to imaging.

The Centroid tonearm is attached to the tonearm mounting board with a quick-change stainless steel bayonet mounting system and can be easily removed from the turntable with the push of a button and a slight twist, just like a camera lens. This unique system allows fast arm and cartridge combination swaps with accurate re-attachment and perfect alignment every time.

The SG1.2 uses a 20 volt, high-torque AC synchronous motor driven by an outboard motor controller, with electronically selectable speed control between 33 1/2 and 45rpm.

The Spiral Groove SG1.2 turntable is available for $30,000 and those who own a SG1.1 can upgrade it to an SG1.2 for $6,000.

  • Spiral Groove SG1.2
  • Spiral Groove SG1.2
  • Spiral Groove SG1.2
  • Spiral Groove SG1.2

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