News  //  Nov 18, 2015

Discogs celebrates 15th birthday

This month Discogs celebrates its 15th birthday. Founded by Kevin Lewandowski in 2000, the website started as a hobby to catalog his electronic vinyl collection. In the past decade and a half, the Discogs community has grown from 37 to almost 3 million users, with nearly 7 million unique releases in the database, including all types of music. They're now set on the impossible mission to catalog every single piece of music ever recorded.

With the introduction of the Marketplace in 2005, Discogs became the key online medium for buying, selling and discovering vinyl. Currently there are more than 10 million items available from thousands of sellers. Last year nearly 3 million people used the marketplace and generating $43.5 million in transactions throughout 2015. That translates to 2.5 million records, half a million CDs and 50,000 tapes. Earlier this year, Judge's Chung King Can Suck It album sold for €5,400 - making it the most expensive record ever sold on Discogs.

To mark its birthday, Discogs has created a dynamic infographic web page summarizing many of these stats -

Also, this video shows how the website evolved over the years:

Other projects from Discogs include Vinylhub - a database for record shops, and Gearogs - an audio equipment database. Most recently, they also launched the official Discogs iOS app in collaboration with Milkcrate, currently still in invite-only, beta version.

Happy Birthday Discogs!


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